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Investments in cryptocurrency and tokensales are classified as a high-risk investment and is subject to huge fluctuations in price. Investing in AffiliateCoin tokens does not guarantee that the future price of the token is going to rise and there is a risk of incurring serious losses as prices may go down as well as up.

The AffiliateCoin token is a utility token and is used as an exchange tool between the Publishers and Merchants and for acquiring various digital asserts on the platform. It does not provide the right to vote or the right to property in AffiliateCoin company. The platform does not translate AffiliateCoin tokens into fiat currencies and is not responsible for the fluctuation of the AffiliateCoin token if it is listed on third-party exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies currently have a high volatility and little to no financial regulation and so financial losses are possible in the event of acute fluctuations in cryptocurrency or fiat currencies.

If any country, state or jurisdiction implements a law with adverse effects on the crypto industry, translation of tokens to fiat currency could become difficult or impossible in that region.

When tokens are exchanged to fiat, the relevant services could charge a commission and the government of the relevant jurisdiction could mandate payment of taxes. If new laws are enacted in any of the world's jurisdictions, there is a risk that investors be obliged to pay taxes or additional charges against any funds invested in AffiliateCoin before or after the date that the law is passed.

The period of time after investing in the token sale, the pre sale or the reservation sale and before the launch of the project is classed as high risk. Investors could lack the ability to use tokens in any way or sell them.

The AffiliateCoin team does not guarantee successful project development or a return on investment. Competition in the field of internet marketing is fierce and alternative projects could be successful which may affect our growth forecasts or potential market share. This will have a negative impact on the position of AffiliateCoin investors. We are also dealing with some very new technologies that in beta, only just being released or are in various stages of development. These 3rd party projects may change direction or be retired and this will affect our proposition as stated in this white paper and may require us to pivot or drop features from this platform. AffiliateCoin reserves the right to adjust the revenue model should adverse market conditions or new legislation require us to do so.

International Legislation, Securities and Crowdsale

AffiliateCoin is not able to accept investors that are citizens or residents of the US, China or any geographical region in which the participation in crowdsale activity is prohibited by applicable law, decree, regulation, treaty, or administrative act.

AffiliateCoin does not intend to interpret this sale as an Initial Public Offering or Share/Equity offering. This is a utility token sale and does not involve the exchange of Cryptocurrencies for any form of "Ordinary Shares" in AffiliateCoin, neither does an AffiliateCoin token purchaser receive any form of dividend that is "guaranteed". This token sale will not involve any Fiat Currencies and will strictly be done in cryptocurrencies. AffiliateCoin Token Ownership is not an evidence of corporate ownership or right to control. Controlling AffiliateCoin does not grant its controller ownership or equity in the AffiliateCoin platform as a whole. AffiliateCoin does not necessarily grant any right to participate in the control, the direction or decision making of the AffiliateCoin platform or applications.

KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy

Know your customer policies have become increasingly important worldwide lately, especially among banks and other financial institutions, in order to prevent identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud and terrorist activity.

AffiliateCoin holds a zero tolerance fraud policy, and is taking all measures possible to prevent it. Any fraudulent activity will be documented and all related accounts to it will be immediately closed. All funds in these accounts will be forfeited.